Video: What should you call your freelance writing business?

Let me guess. You're new to freelancing and want to know whether it's worth choosing a business name, or sticking with the name on your passport. 

There's no right or wrong answer here. In this video, I explain my approach, and discuss when you might want to use a business name instead of your actual name. 

Not a fan of videos? Read the video transcript below. 

Video transcript

Hey, this is Amy again. Let's talk about when you first start freelancing, people always want to know whether they should just use their own name or whether they should register a separate business name.

As someone who's done both and who still uses both, I'll explain to you how I feel about it and when might be the best time to use a business name and when might be the best time to stick with your own name.

When I first started freelancing and my focus was more on pitching to publications as a freelance journalist, I always used my own name. I had my own website just with my name on it,, and that worked really well for that specific purpose.

If you're freelancing and it's only you behind the business and you're comfortable with the amount of work that you're attracting then I think that's a great idea and a fine idea.

The reason that I then went and registered Mint Content as a business name, and you can can operate under two names with your ABN, so you don't have to worry about any dramas there. It's really easy to set up.

The reason that I went with Mint Content was because as my business was growing, I was putting in more people underneath me so the business wasn't just about me anymore.

People who deal with my business might not be dealing just with me, they might be dealing with Angela or Yasmin or James or whoever. I needed a business name for that reason.

I also wanted a business name because I was starting to shift into working with a different type of client and they were bigger clients who needed the comfort and reassurance that they weren't just working with some person who moonlighted as a freelancer on the weekends.

They needed someone who was serious and focused, and this was their business. They needed the confidence that I was going to be able to deliver on stuff that was pretty demanding.

I wanted to attract bigger clients with bigger budgets and for me, the logical move was then to register the business name and operate under that now because I don't think I would feel completely honest working with somebody as Amy Louise Birchall and then getting somebody else to do the work. There's a different expectation there.

I still do use the Amy Louise Birchall business name for freelance journalism for all of the reasons that I said at the start.

It doesn't make sense to be doing that under Mint Content, that's a content writing agency. It's a bit easier to have a bit of separation there, so that's what I've done. But tell me what you've done, because I am very interested to learn.